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Ankle Strap Heels


                                   Jeffrey Campbell Malice Heels, Shop at

 Faye Platform Pump  SHOECULT By:



Vanish Sandal, SHOECULT By:

Punk Plaid Trend


                   Punk plaid comes from the 90's grunge trend. Perfect for this fall/winter season.While the movement was originally meant to be grunge inspired, anti-capitalist and anti-luxe, designers have now turned the punk looked into a hyper-luxurious look.

                                                    There is not such thing as simple nails.

Fixie Hangouts


Nasty gal Garter Dress


Sunglasses & Turbants

Summer looks

Sunglasses never go out of style, shop at Moni and Coli  


                                  I NEED this dress ! Katy Perry rocking Velvet Dress from

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Stilleto Nails

                                                                In love with my stiletto nails

My Jeffrey Campbell Collection

UNIF Das Boot

                                       This are so comfy ! Decided to buy them in this wine color cause I have too                                                                       many black shoes.


                               My Deandri Ginger Platforms, Favorite shoes in my closet so far
                                                       Size 8! from

Moni & Coli Clothing

                                                 Make Up by me for Moni and Coli clothing
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No She Didn't & Pink Planet

         Even better than Ruby Woo from MAC Cosmetics. Limecime Velvetines  Suedeberry & Red Velvet.


Mint To Be